Susan Boyle Net Worth

Susan Boyle Net Worth And Biography

Her dream of becoming a Scottish musician was made possible after appearing as a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent 3rd edition in 2009 having sung Les Miserables “I dreamed a dream’.

Selling 25 million copies in 2021,her “I dreamed a dream’ debut album became one of the best selling albums of the century for selling 10 million copies worldwide as well as internationally best selling album of the year 2009.

Susan went on to become the first female in UK entertainment history to claim three successive debut albums at number 1 in less than twenty four months.

Within her short limelight, as said by Official Chart Company,she broke Leona Lewis’ ‘spirit’ to hold a new record of debut album first-week sales.

Making £5 million in her first year, following the release of her first song and singles,she released subsequent albums and singles that went on to top UK album charts.

In the course of her musical journey, she sang ‘Mull of kintyre’ for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant in 2012.

Susan Boyle Net Worth: EARLY LIFE 

Susan grew up in Blackburn,Scotland as the youngest of nine children in the family. She shared her bully story where she was always bullied at the slightest by her then classmates and teachers who were supposed to protect her. Teachers who had little knowledge of coupling with children with disabilities would use belts on her, which she strongly believed had had a negative impact on her educational career, as she was a slow learner and very slow at understanding things. 

Susan Boyle further pointed out that all through her educational career, she had the worst time of her life as those bullying her won’t stop to bully her at the slightest bit.

She had some health challenges at birth of which when doctors properly diagnosed that there was a wrong misdiagnosed problem on Susan Boyle in 2013, for the first time, she got to know that what had really happened to her was a form of Autism spectrum disorders which is also known as Asperger syndrome.

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Boyle claimed that the disability came as a blessing in disguise to her, although she had it all in a negative form of bullying but it helped her realise her potential which had made her have a clear understanding of what was actually wrong with her. 

Apart from the fact that she was wrongly misdiagnosed, she was correctly diagnosed with epilepsy at a very young age, where the star revealed that she suffered from epilepsy on a regular basis, especially when in school which also helped her childhood bullies have greater advantage of bullying her. She also claimed that her parents had little idea of how to manage her  epileptic situation, hence they would wrap her in cotton as Susan is used to fainting in school. 

Susan Boyle again revealed that in 2016, she was constantly hit by her birth father, Patrick Boyle, as he used her to relieve himself of his anger, it took Susan a very long time to overcome her childhood traumatic experience.

She lost her mother, Bridget Boyle a few days to her biggest breakthrough, as she would always encourage Susan to pursue her musical dream. Susan claimed that she never really understood that she lost her supporter until six months later when it really occurred to her that loneliness had set in and no one is there to comfort her except the cat. She was able to draw strength and inspiration whenever she had the thought of stopping her musical dream. 

Another shocking revelation was that Susan Boyle never won the Britain got talent show — she only finished the runner up to the dance troupe as it’s quite understandable that she had autism. 

Few years after losing her mother, she lost another member of her family (Birdie) to cancer at age 73. She revealed how Birdie was honest and helpful to her throughout her musical career and life. She said she misses her everyday as she was the only one who could put up with her. 

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In the year 2013, she was diagnosed of type 2 diabetes  which has made her given up on eating chocolate for her longevity which she is maintaining with drug, When  COVID-19 shook the world, doctors claimed that people with diabetes are easy victims of the then disease, of which they were advised to protect themselves during the lockdown. 

She was also a victim of a targeted teenage intruder  when she returned from her trip where she went to record her charity solo.

Years later, another obsessed male fan tried to follow her into her room, as he had been waiting for her to get an autograph.

Susan Boyle had also been bullied and terrorised by the local youths of the community where she spent her early life, claiming that she was not welcomed and appreciated in the neighbourhood. 

In 2022, her health continued to worsen where she suffered from stroke which made her develop huge fear for her musical career. 

Relationship life

She once claimed that her romantic life was near zero as she had no one to ask her out. Rumour had it that she once dated a 25 year old guy but only lasted for a few months as she had the thought of her parents not wanting her to date. She is currently single and has no child of her own. 

Susan Boyle Net Worth Source: Musical career

As a young child who got drawn to music at the age of 12, began to take part in musical production at school where her teacher noticed her talent and also encouraged her to persist with it.  After graduating from high school, she worked for a short time at the West Lothian College, Scotland as a cook trainee. She took musical lessons from a vocal coach called Fred O’Neill, at the Edinburgh Acting School where she continued to cultivate her voice. 

The Britain got talent show star, got auditioned at age 47 where she rose to stardom when she sang “I dreamed a dream “ 

Personal Struggle with fame and mental well-being 

Boyle claimed that she worked throughout the year with the aim of being able to sing but after each show, she is always mentally and emotionally drained where she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in an undisclosed location in London. 

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Physical Appearance

She is 5 feets 2 inches (157.5 cm) 

Susan Boyle Net Worth

She is worth £26 million. She also have a four bedroom property worth £65,000 

Award and achievements

1. Susan got two Grammy award for her huge recognition in the music industry -2011& 2012 

2. She had an Honorary doctorate in different academic institutions.

3. Best Pop Vocal album

4. Best New Artiste International – 2010

5. The Outstanding Achievement Award -2011

6. The Fan Choice Award – 2013

Facts about Susan Boyle

1. Gained fame through the Britain Got Talent Show in 2009

2. She was born and raised in Scotland.

3. She is a devoted Catholic

4. Youngest of nine Children

5. Took great care of Bridget until she passed away.

6. Her debut album “ I dreamed a dream” became world best selling album -2009

7. She had performed for important figures 

8. She had received plenty awards for her musical contribution

9. Became an ambassador for Scotland Charity “ Save the children” – 2013

10. Had appeared several times on Television Shows and Documentaries.

 Social media Handle & Website 

1. X (formerly Twitter) : Susan Boyle @SusanBoyle 

2. Instagram: Susan Boyle @susanboylemusic

Lessons From Susan Boyle Success

Even though it’s always hard to get to the spotlight, finding a mentor is like finding someone to show them you have something to give and they will help you find it, as everyone loves to be a shepherd of talent. 

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Even when it is not happening right away as expected, you just have to keep trying until you win. You can only win better when you set the bar higher.


Growing up had never had it easy on Susan Boyle, but she was able to overcome it all through her own willpower. Rose to stardom at the age of 47, never married nor being in a romantic relationship.  Won herself many awards that excuses her determination. 

All these would have never been possible if not for the support of her mother Bridget and sister, Birdie who both contributed to her musical success.

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