SLS Lifestyle: Exploring the Benefits, Boundaries, and Future Trends 1

SLS Lifestyle: Exploring the Benefits, Boundaries, and Future Trends

Let’s take a Look at The SLS lifestyle: A Community that allows Members to Explore Their Sexuality with Other parties Outside their Primary Relationship

The SLS lifestyle (Swinger/Swing Lifestyle) is the new normal out there among couples in an open relationship. The SLS Lifestyle has come into a world where trust is hard to come by in our day-to-day activities. They gave us a dream that we can still have an affair that is built on trust without any hindrance.

The SLS Community has gained more ground recently around the world. The community is where you are allowed to convey yourself sexually outside your primary relationship without any hindrance.

We all know that the world is turning into a global village, and we believe that if you do not tag along with it, there are chances that you will be left behind.

Therefore, what do we mean by SLS lifestyle? Are there any benefits or demerits attached to accepting this lifestyle? In this article, we will delve more into the SLS community to let you know what you must know about the community.

SLS Lifestyle: Exploring the Benefits, Boundaries, and Future Trends 2

What is SLS Lifestyle Community all about

We can define this community, popularly referred to as Swinger Lifestyle or Swing Lifestyle, as a consensual practice where an individual in a relationship is allowed to experience sexual satisfaction outside of the primary relationship. A type that comes with consensual agreement, forming a departure from the traditional type of relationships we are used to in which you are not allowed to have any sexual activities outside your primary relationship. People in this community are free to live their lives to the fullest without any hindrance.

SLS Lifestyle: Exploring the Benefits, Boundaries, and Future Trends 3

Types of SLS lifestyle

Here is a list of SLS lifestyles we have in the SLS Community;

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In addition, we have to let you know the different classes the members of this community belong to.

  1. Polyamory
    Although, only a few are practicing this type of lifestyle, as it involves having numerous sex partners and lovers outside your primary relationship, however, all the parties involved must have consented to it.
  2. Voyeurism and Exhibitionism
    This is a type in which you are at liberty to enjoy the fun that comes with watching or being watched by others during your sexual satisfaction.
  3. Soft Swinging
    It’s a method that involves having the liberty to kiss, touch, or flirt with outsiders, without the privilege of having sexual intercourse with them.
  4. Full Swinging
    The Full Swinging type of SLS lifestyle involves couples having a consensual agreement to have sexual activity with other couples.
  5. Group play or Threesomes
    It involves, having your sexual activities with three or more individuals at a time.
SLS Lifestyle: Exploring the Benefits, Boundaries, and Future Trends 4

Let’s take a look at Some boundaries members in the SLS Lifestyle are not allowed to break

With all the fun involved, it comes with some guidelines that are important and must never be broken. Let’s take a look at some of it:

  1. Communication
    Having effective communication with your partner will determine how successful you are as an SLS lifestyle member. You must be open to your decisions at all times. There should be a need to discuss each other’s needs at every point in time. Emotions may set in, but the onus is on both parties to work it out.
  2. Safe Health and Safety
    It’s the most important factor in the SLS lifestyle. Both partners must practice safe sex practices by safeguarding themselves through the use of condoms and other methods to avoid STDs. The practice of having medical checks often to know their status is paramount.
  3. Privacy
    Being private is another crucial component of the SLS lifestyle. You should keep your personal life away from outside parties. This factor should be taken with utmost importance.
  4. Sharing Consent
    Another significant facet of the SLS lifestyle is Consent. Everyone involved must agree to it before committing themselves to any sexual activity. It makes it easier to be revoked at any given time when you feel like it’s not working out.
  5. Setting Boundary
    Before embarking on the journey, couples should talk about setting boundaries by defining what they want it to look like, like what they want and what they don’t want in the relationship, things like emotions, how to engage with other partners, and what sexual activities should be discussed.
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Let’s Look at the Benefits Involved with practicing SLS Lifestyle

The SLS lifestyle brings about various benefits to the parties involved, things like:

  1. Stronger Bonds
    It helps to make greater bonds among partners. The lifestyle has brought hope to relationships giving room to trust without being unsettled by the other party cheating.
  2. Total Freedom
    It comes with an iota of freedom to explore as you wish, without regretting any of your actions, as it has been agreed with your partner before it started.
  3. Improved Communication Skills
    Committing to this lifestyle will help improve your communication skills with your primary partner, as you tend to communicate more with your partner to know if they are still keeping to the agreement and other things involved.
  4. Exploration
    This method allows individuals in the community to explore better and satisfy their sexual needs with other partners based on agreement with their primary partner.

Let’s look at the Demerits attached to practicing SLS Lifestyle

Although it has many advantages, you should not forget that every good thing comes with its disadvantages, things like:

  1. Insecurity
    It brings about jealousy and insecurity among the individuals involved. Particularly, when they are just starting. However, these feelings can only be subdued through proper communication among partners.
  2. Stigma and Judgment
    They tend to be stigmatized by those outside the SLS community. It leads to being judged by friends and family, not in the community to go against their decisions.
  3. Finding Compatible Partners
    It’s hard to find the right partners that will take on the lifestyle with you. It happens to be one of the biggest threats to the community.
  4. Balancing Privacy
    The ability to stay private, without letting it out is another issue. There is a tendency that you will open up at a time, especially when emotions set in and you don’t know what to do again.
  5. Emotional Complexity
    The inability to control your feelings, when you are at it, Is another issue that its been faced, getting emotionally attached to the other partner.
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What Does The Future Hold for the SLS Lifestyle Community at Large

Growth is imperative they say, we believe that as they continue to grow, the trust which has been the key factor in upholding the community will remain the same, to help the members of the community derive satisfaction.


The SLS lifestyle community has empowered us with ways to work out our sexual satisfaction differently from the traditional relationships we have around, we are used to without being guilty. Do you intend to join the community, then you should take note of the information given above.

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