Obama medal meme: What it is, how it originated

On social media today, there have been a lot of buzz about the Obama medal meme. Here is a lifestyle article to elucidate what it is and how it started. Read on to know more.

What exactly is the Obama medal meme?


Obama Medal of Honor Meme

The Obama medal meme is a viral online meme that depicts former president of the United States Barack Obama wearing a medal around his neck. The meme soon gathered popularity on social media sites and traveled across the World Wide Web.

The hilarity linked with the Obama award is what distinguishes it. The real medal that Obama is wearing in the shot is substituted with different comical or bizarre replacements in the meme. These alternate medals frequently make fun of pop culture citations, political events, or amusing imaginary accomplishments. Descriptions for memes can range from creative wordplay to witty commentary on a variety of themes.

Aside from being amusing, the Obama medal meme highlights concerns about the nature of ideological memes and their effect on the public’s views. It exemplifies the impact of comedy on public debate and illustrates the changing nature of political communication in the digital age.

The meme has grown into a cultural phenomenon and a recognizable symbol of the presidency of Barack Obama, illustrating his long-lasting impact on popular culture and the American public.

The Meaning and Importance of the Obama Medal Meme

Obama honoring Tom Hanks

Obama honoring Tom Hanks

The Obama medal meme is a fun method for individuals to show their support for Obama’s leadership and achievements. The meme produces a playful kind of adulation while still acknowledging the impact of his term by crediting comical and often exaggerated achievements to him.

Additionally, the meme emphasizes Obama’s capacity to preserve decency and calm in the face of heavy scrutinizing and political hurdles. It depicts him as a calm, collected, and lighthearted leader who can manage any circumstance with ease. This picture connects with many people, who recall Obama’s term as one of stability and hope.

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Obama-Jordan Medal meme

Obama-Jordan Medal meme

If you’re still not acquainted with the Weeping Jordan meme, it features a photo of the renowned athlete taken in 2009 while he was giving an emotional speech during his Basketball Hall of Fame induction. Jordan sobbed multiple times during the speech because it was such a special occasion for him. Because internet users are monsters (and the photo is legitimately amusing), it became a meme in 2012, prompting several Photoshop versions.

The meme has grown so popular on social media that Obama couldn’t help but mention it when he presented Jordan with the medal, which was formally handed to the 53-year-old because he is “one of the greatest athletes of all time,” stated the White House.

Obama gave a wonderful introduction to Jordan (who, it should be mentioned, was crying). Jordan, according to the president, was “more than just the best player on the two greatest teams of all time — the Dream Team and the 1996 Chicago Bulls.”

“He’s more than just a logo,” Obama went on to say. “More than just a viral internet meme.”

It was not Obama’s only joke at Jordan’s expense, though it was clear that both burns came from a place of genuine admiration. He praised MJ’s acting career while introducing the prize recipients, who included Tom Hanks, Frank Gehry, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, and many others.

“We’ve got innovators and artists,” Obama said. Public officers, tyrants, athletes, famous character performers… resembles the character from Space Jam.”

Obama definitely understands the power of memes. His vice president, for example, is one. I doubt Donald Trump will be quite as dank, but I look forward to being proven wrong a year from now when Trump hoists a medal over Dat Boi’s frog head.

Obama Medal Meme Influence

Obama Medal Meme Influence

The meme’s influence extends outside discourse of politics. It is part of a larger cultural phenomena in which online memes have become a form of communication, allowing people to convey complicated feelings and ideas in a brief and relatable way. The Obama medal meme connects people together by providing a shared cultural reference point, generating a sense of belonging and togetherness.

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Furthermore, the meme reminds us of the power of humour in altering public conversation. Memes are increasingly being used for political criticism, allowing people to criticize or mock political persons and policies. The success of the Obama medal meme indicates that comedy can be an effective tool for connecting with political problems and sparking debate.

Obama honoring Joe Biden

Obama honoring Joe Biden

The Obama medal meme’s success stems from its ability to cross party lines and reach a diverse audience. Whatever one’s political opinions, the meme provides a lighthearted approach for interacting with Obama’s impact. It has been welcomed by both Obama supporters and detractors, as well as those with a more apolitical viewpoint. Its broad popularity can be due to its non-threatening demeanor as well as its capacity to elicit laughter and pleasure.

In addition, the meme’s ongoing history attests to Obama’s presidency’s long-term impact. Even years after his presidency, Obama remains a popular figure in popular culture, and the meme serves as a reminder of his impact. It illustrates his long-lasting impact on the American public, as well as his ability to inspire and connect with various audiences.

Obama Medal Meme wide spread

The Obama medal meme has also spread to other types of media and contemporary media. It has appeared in news articles, late-night chat shows, and even on products. This cements its place as an international hit and recognizable symbol of the presidency of Barack Obama.

It also demonstrates the pervasiveness of online memes as a form of self-expression and cultural dialogue. Memes have become an important component of modern online culture, giving a forum for people to discuss political, social, and cultural concerns. The President medal meme shows how memes can be utilized in novel ways to convey viewpoints, elicit emotions, and promote a feeling of community.

The origin of the Obama medal meme

origin of the Obama medal meme

The President Obama medal meme can be linked back to a photograph shot on November 12, 2015, during a Medal of Honor presentation at the White House. Past President Barack Obama was photographed giving the Medal of Honor to retired army captain Florent Groberg in the initial image.

Captain Groberg

Captain Groberg

Captain Groberg was given the Medal of Honor for his brave acts in Afghanistan, where he confronted an assailant, stopping him from reaching a unit of troops and saving the lives of his fellow troops. The service was solemn and profound, honoring Captain Groberg’s valor and commitment.

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However, the image of at the time Barack Obama during the ceremony was creatively manipulated by online users. The meme first appeared in early 2017, quickly gaining prominence on social media networks like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Insta.

The original medal awarded to Captain Groberg was substituted with various humorous or absurd alternatives in the meme. These alternative medals ranged from fictional accomplishments to amusing references to pop culture phenomena. Internet users used the easily modifiable image to add captions that satirized various parts of Obama’s presidency or made amusing remarks.

The meme swiftly spread and attracted significant attention, illustrating the 44th President’s ongoing popularity and cultural effect as a political figure. It allows people to engage in humorous political discussion in a fun way.

The meme’s adaptability allowed for an infinite number of modifications and iterations. Online surfers from all experiences and perspectives could produce their own versions, including their own amusing or satirical subtitles. This added to the meme’s popularity and secured its persistence on the internet.

Making your own Obama medal meme

Obama medal meme

Here’s a high-level overview of the fundamental features of an Obama medal meme template, which you can then customize with image editing tools or internet meme generators.

Core image:

Find a high-quality photo of President Barak Obama from a Medal of Honor presentation or any other formal event where he appears to be standing or seated prominently. This will act as the basic image for your memes.

Remove the original medal:

Using image altering software like Photoshop or internet tools, erase or cover the original medal on Obama’s neck. Ensure that you leave a clean space for your substitute medal or caption.

Replace the original medal with a hilarious or imaginative substitute medal and/or caption. This could be a fictitious accomplishment. When adding text to an image, choose bold, eye-catching typefaces, or leave space for text if employing a meme maker.

Optional extras:

Consider including extra features to boost the humour or impact of your meme. This may include the use of speech bubbles, emoticons, or pertinent visuals to accentuate the message or context.

Share and promote your meme:

Once you’ve generated it, save it as an image file. Then, you can post it on social media channels, meme-sharing web pages, or with friends and coworkers.

See Some of the Obama medal Memes:

Obama medal Memes



Obama medal



Wrap Up

The Obama award meme is a fun and lasting tribute to Obama’s leadership and achievements. The meme, as an international phenomena, exemplifies the power of wit in changing public conversation and the impact of online memes as a kind of social satire.

By exaggerating Obama’s accomplishments, the meme not only honors his presidency, but also provides a common cultural standpoint that builds a sense of community and solidarity.

The Obama medal meme additionally functions as a reminder of how political communication is changing in the internet age.

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