Who is Martha Downing? Her 1975 Marriage Saga: John Hagee's Cuckoldry

Who is Martha Downing? Her Marriage Saga: John Hagee Ex-wife

The name Martha Downing is not strange to Christians and believers who were in the loop with her 1975 marriage saga.

Who is Martha Downing?

However, more recently, people want to know about her, her first failed marriage, and her impact on society. This post explains just that.

Incontrovertibly, Martha Drowning was married to a formidable televangelist, John Hagee. According to reports, their marriage lasted less than twenty years. They were married in 1960 and got divorced in 1975 approximately fifteen years due to cuckoldry.

Who is Martha Downing? Her 1975 Marriage Saga: John Hagee's Cuckoldry

Martha Downing: Marriage Saga

Many who are not familiar with this story have asked what led to their divorce. This is because this couple was seen as the “Power couple”. Before their divorce in 1975, reports say Martha caught her husband having an affair with one of his church members.

As expected, this led to the divorce and abrupt end of a “good-looking” fifteen years of marriage.

Their union was blessed with two children, Christopher and Tish Hagee.

John Hagee Infidelity Case

As explained in the earlier report above, John Hagee’s cuckoldry case spread quickly and was asked to resign as the church pastor. During this time, he got divorced from Martha Downing.

Martha Downing. John Hagee wife' Diana Castro

Many say he was in love with his lover, with whom he cheated with, Diana Castro. This being true, he got married to her in 1976 less than a year after his divorce with Martha.

Who is Martha Downing? Her 1975 Marriage Saga: John Hagee's Cuckoldry

Few facts about John Hagee

John Hangee was born in 1940, April 12th. From our findings, he was born in Baytown, Texas, United States into the family of Vada Mildred Swick and William Bythel Hagee.

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It is important to note that his marriage with Diana, his secind wife bore fruits; Christina, Matthew, and Sandy.

More importantly, he attended the Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Trinity University and University of North Texas, United States.

John Hagee Ministry

John being a man of vision founded numerious religious organisations including  John Hagee Ministries. His ministry televises to all regions in the United States and regions in state of Canada.

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