Kealea Marie Cephus Biography: The Rising Celebrity Child | Age, Parents, and More 1

Kealea Marie Cephus Biography: The Rising Celebrity Child | Age, Parents, and More

Who is Kealea Marie Cephus? Let’s Take a Look at Her Biography and the Information

Full Name —- Kealea Marie Cephus
Gender —— Female
Date of birth —— 23rd March 2015
Age —– 7years
Nationality —– American
Religion — Christianity
Zodiac Sign —– Aries

She’s one of those kids who got her celebrity status from birth. Kealea Marie Cephus is the daughter of two popular American rappers, Shyna L’amour and Offset. Although her parents are trying all they could to protect her from the general public. Nevertheless, she still holds her celebrity status and it is believed that she would also turn out to be one of the best out there with time.

Are you interested in knowing more about Kealea? Stay glued to your phone as will take you on a journey through Kealea Marie Cephus’s background and other information about her.

Kealea’s Background information

Kealea Marie Cephus Biography: The Rising Celebrity Child | Age, Parents, and More 2

Kealea was born on the 23rd of March, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She’s presently 8 years old. Kealea’s parents were Offset and Shyna, even though her father never knew about her until her birth, the reason being that both parents were not on good terms at the time of her birth.

However, After Kelea’s birth, Shyna demanded that a DNA test be carried out to confirm Offset as Kealea’s father, but Offset refused the proposal, and not until four years after Kealea’s birth did he admit to being her father. Recently, he’s seen spending time with her daughter, Kealea, and her birth has brought both parents together sometimes as a result of bringing her up in the right way.

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Although, it’s all thanks to Kealea’s mother, Shyna, who took her dad to court, in a case to appeal for Offset to spend more time with his daughter.

Kealea Marie Cephus’s parents

Kealea Marie Cephus Biography: The Rising Celebrity Child | Age, Parents, and More 5

They started their relationship in the year 2014, although the relationship didn’t last long before things went sour, it was Kealea’s mother who took care of her when she was denied by her father, not until after 4 years when Kealea’s father, Offset, agreed to be her father and take up some responsibility on her.

Let’s take a look at Kealea’s Father

Kealea's Father

Kealea’s father is the popular Kiari Kendrell Cephus, popularly referred to as Offset. He’s a well-known rapper and songwriter and he is also part of the popular trio that formed “MIGOS”, which has his nephew “Late Takeoff, and cousin Quavo”. Moreover, he is an investor, believed to have a share in the Esports organization Faze clan.

Kealea Marie Cephus and Cardi B

Although he moved on from Kealea’s mother, Shyna, he’s presently married to the popular rapper “Cardi B.” Nevertheless, he’s believed to be playing a big role in Kealea’s upbringing.

Let’s take a look at Kealea’s Mother

Kealea's Mother

Her real name is Nicole Marie Algarin, but she’s best known for her stage name Shyna L’amour, she’s also a rapper, but not as popular as Kealea’s father, Offset. She first got her fame when she paired with the popular rapper Nicky Minaj, in their single “Barbie Dreams”, although her first hit was in her single “Paper Baby.” And since then she has been in the spotlight as one of the best in the entertainment industry.

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Kealea’s Physical Appearance

She’s believed to be 3 feet 1 inches (93kg) in height while weighing 55 pounds (25kg). She has black hair with a black eye. However, what is worth mentioning about Kealea is her gorgeous look and her perfect physique which make her physically fit for the celebrity status she holds.

Kalea’s relationship status

At this tender age, you don’t expect her to be in a relationship. However, it is worth mentioning that she would attract many when it’s time to have one with her charming and beautiful smile.

Kealea Marie Cephus’s Net worth

As a kid, she had no career, but being born into a wealthy family, she’s believed to be worth $2 million in net worth, earned through her celebrity status and her parent’s influence. In addition, her father, Offset, is believed to be worth $25 million.


Although Kealea’s parents are not together. The belief is that she will grow up to be like or better than her parents. Having her parents to look up to, we believe that she has what it takes to make it big in life and be the best among her peers.

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