Jasmine white 403

Who is Jasmine white 403? What We know

Jasmine White 403, the latest big personality on the app, has acquired recognition after she filmed herself eating a raw chicken. Gone are the days when TikTok stars were known for their dancing.

You did read that sentence correctly. The user who posts content on TikTok under the moniker Jasmine appears to be eating what appears to be an uncooked whole bird. Do not attempt this recipe at home because there is a high risk of salmonella contamination. She also shared images of her eating the head off of a raw fish, dipping (you guessed it) raw steak into sugar, and chowing down, along with various other unusual treats, in addition to the poultry that posed a potential threat to human health.

Users are enjoying themselves as they navigate their For You page before they feel the need for some major eye-bleaching. Screen recordings and copies of her posts are being shared by other users with warnings, and many people are shocked by her actions.

Although it is not surprising that her account now appears to have been suspended by TikTok, it is remarkable that her activities have horrified so many people. The video of the uncooked fish with the description “Today I was feeling a little fishy” underneath it.

The only thing that can be seen of her in the videos is that she munches on food, therefore very little information about her, such as her age or where she comes from, is known. Viewers have made attempts to locate her, but it appears that she does not have any other social media profile.

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There were other postings published under the moniker Jasmine White 305. The vast bulk of the posts that are still available are duets in which users express their shock at the original films. A reader stated in the comments section, “I’m just going to pretend it’s one of those hyper realistic cakes.”

Another participant spoke in, saying, “Whoever advised me to see Jasmine White 403 Tik-tok. I despise all of you.

People are tweeting their anxiety after watching the peculiar films, and the uproar has spread to TikTok as well.

One user stated, “JasmineWhite403 on TikTok has caused me a great deal of emotional distress.”

Another person sent the following warning: “DO NOT search for JasmineWhite403 on TikTok.”

Jasmine white 403

“Don’t search Jasmine White 403 on TikTok. One viewer shivered.

Jasmine white 403

Another Twitter user said, “First video I watched on TikTok mentioned looking up ‘jasminewhite403’ so my curious a** did and THAT IS ENOUGH INTERNET FOR 2022,” implying they want to abandon the internet.

TikTok hasn’t explained why the account disappeared, and fans are waiting to see if the posts return under a third name.

Please bring back cute dog videos and cooking tutorials.

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