Jacob's Ladder Piercing: Understanding the Procedure for Enhanced Pleasure 1

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing: Understanding the Procedure for Enhanced Pleasure

The Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Procedure: A Body Modification Procedure with the Help of a Ring/Barbells (Jewells)

Men are known to be very protective of their genital organs (Penis). So it’s surprising to hear that some men will do the unthinkable by piercing their penis all in the name of achieving the sexual pleasure that follows.

Jacob's Ladder Piercing: Understanding  the Procedure for Enhanced Pleasure 2

Jacob’s Ladder-piercing is one of the most common genital piercings out there, invented in the United States of America. As scary as it looks, some men believe that it helps improve their sexual gratification. Believing that the shape it has on the penis helps stimulate and enhance their sex life.

In this article, we will elaborate more on what you should know about Jacob’s Ladder Piercing on Men, a body modification procedure with the help of a ring/barbells referred to as (jewells)

Why do Men Prefer Undergoing Jacobs Ladder Piercing?

Jacob's Ladder Piercing: Understanding  the Procedure for Enhanced Pleasure 3

Most men endure the pain to achieve their goal of sexual pleasure for both sex partners during sex. It is made possible due to the shape of the barbells or rings which help in enhancing sexual stimulation and pleasure.

However, to some, the feeling of having a needle pass through your genitals sounds strange and shocking. While others, take it to be the beginning of a sexual life adventure they desire.
Moreover, we have a diversity of male genital piercings believed to help increase men’s sexual satisfaction: They are Jacobs Ladder Piercing and Prince Albert Piercing.

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Things You should know before undergoing Jacob’s ladder piercing process

Jacob's Ladder Piercing: Understanding  the Procedure for Enhanced Pleasure 4

Are you still contemplating having a Jacob’s ladder piercing on your genitals, here are things you should know before making your final decision:

The process is carried out just below the head of the penis and it is passed through the skin of the genitals going side to side.

The body modification experts in charge are expected to use barbells on your penis to form a borderline on your genitals.

The barbells used will form a ladder look on your genitals, the reason why it is called a ladder piercing.

The minimum number of barbells used in this process is three, however, you can use as many barbells as you want after 2-3 months of having the first one on your genitals.

Jacob's Ladder Piercing: Understanding  the Procedure for Enhanced Pleasure 5

Any type of genital piercing that is less than the standard of using three barbells that are supposed to be used is referred to as Frenum Piercing

Also, the quantity of the Freneum Piercing done for you will depend on the length of your penis.

In addition, after the procedure, you need to avoid sex without protection for six months to avoid tissue tearing that can affect normal healing. I.e if you love it raw all the time, then you should think twice for a moment.

If not properly arranged, the barbells used during the procedure may come out after some time hence, you should find an expert to help you with one.

Keep in mind that bleeding may occur during and after the procedure, it may elapse 3-5 days before it stops. To avoid this, you may need a sanitary napkin throughout the days of bleeding to avoid some form of shame.

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You are only allowed to do 2-3 piercings at a sitting, to heal faster. However, You can add to your piercing after 2-3 months of your first piercing.

Let’s have a look at Jacob’s ladder piercing kit needed for the procedure

We put together a list of items needed to execute Jacob’s ladder piercing. However, you should keep in mind that there is a need to sterilize the equipment needed to avoid contamination.

These are the kits needed for the procedure to be successful:

Jacob's Ladder Piercing: Understanding  the Procedure for Enhanced Pleasure 6

Sterilize forceps
A sterilized Alcohol wipes
A skin-sharp marker
Sterilize cotton swap
Sterilize 4×4 gauge pads
Sterilize towel drapes
Sterilized pair of gloves
Sterilized 6 inches ruler
Sterilized 12g Triple Bevel Piercing Needle
Finally, a Steeilized 10g, 12g, 14g, 9/16″ Long Barbell.

Let’s have a look at Jacob’s ladder-piercing jewelry Procedure

  1. As you already know, barbells are generally used nowadays when it comes to having a Jacobs Ladder piercing done on your genitals.
  2. The procedure is basically from 10-12 gauge barbells going side to side around your penis head. Confirm if the expert in charge sterilizes the jewelry before it is used on your genitals.
  3. After the pulling out of your penis, the expert has to clean the area with a sterilized surgical scrub before moving on to the next stage.
  4. Thereafter, he is expected to make some marks with the right topical antiseptic, and it should be done on a disposable toothpick.
  5. Thereafter, you are ready to be pierced once he sees you are comfortable with the mark placed on your genitals.
  6. Though, your penis size will determine the number and length of jewelry to be used on your genitals.
  7. Finally, it is advisable that the piercing should be around the circumcision line on the genitals, as it helps to achieve greater pleasure when having sex.
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The Advantages of Having Jacobs Ladder Piercing On Your Penis

Away from the sexual satisfaction it gives. Jacobs Ladder piercing is believed to have other advantages like:

The ability to heal faster in (6-8 weeks) than other types of piercing on genitals.

The possibility to have it done either at the top, middle, or bottom of the frenum ring in as much as it is sitting 90 degrees to your penis shaft. The choice is on the individual’s involves.

The secrecy involved, It’s known to only you and your sexual partner, in case you want to keep it secret.

The Disadvantage of Having Jacob Ladder Piercing on Your Penis

You are not allowed to sleep on the part where the piercing is carried out to avoid injuring your genitals. You either sleep with your back or sides during the healing process.

People who go through Jacobs Ladder Piercing are more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

You have to understand that not all your partners will be okay with your genital piercing, therefore, there is the possibility that you lose some sexual partners and gain some too.

What You Should Avoid During Jacobs Ladder Piercing Healing Process

In the healing period, you will be instructed to avoid putting on tight clothes around your genitals, having unprotected sex with no condom, flirting with the jewelry found on your penis, taking part in rigid sports and many others not mentioned.


If you still have it in mind to undergo a Jacobs Ladder Piercing to aid your sexual pleasure, there is a need for you to go for an expert, someone with great knowledge of how it should be done. Keep in mind that the procedure will create an opening in your genitals. Therefore, to avoid contamination, you will need the best expert to help you out. Wish you the best in your sexual life.

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