How long do idiots live

TikTok Trend “How long do idiots live” explained

We have had many searches by netizens who want to find out what the tiktok trend “how long do idiots live” is. In this article we’ll discuss in details what the tiktok trend is all about. Read on to find out.


In recent years, a new form of online meme has evolved that invites social media users to Google something and find the solution.

This is frequently due to the response being completely humorous, startling, or unanticipated.

how long do idiots live

Some of the most famous have been ‘why were Graham crackers invented?’ and “Where is the coldest place in the universe?”

Now, in 2022, a new one has gone popular, which has TikTok viewers immensely amused.

The ‘How long do idiots live’ joke has gone viral.

how long do idiots live

Finding the solution to the question ‘How long do idiots live?’ is the latest TikTok trend.

It’s likely an idea you’ve never considered previously which is why it’s so amusing.


Simply Google the unusual query and you will be presented with an equally bizarre answer.

The internet meme first became popular in 2021, however it reappeared in February 2022, along with a new trend.

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How long do idiots live?

How long do idiots live

They appear to live for this long.

When you Google the question, you will get a very specific answer.

According to Google, fools live for exactly 12 to 15 years.

That means that all idiots are extinct by the time they reach the age of adolescence, and all adults are wonderful, regular, non-idiotic people.

If only it were the case!

Trends taking Over

‘I’ll never forget you,’ she says. trend takes control

The ‘How long do fools live?’ joke has sparked a new craze among TikTok users in Generation Z.

It entails emailing the statement “I’ll never forget you” to someone you consider a “idiot” between the ages of 12 and 15 years.

According to Google, idiots only survive for 12 to 15 years, hence the challenge implies that the person will die.

Along with the texts, you include Zara Larsson and MNEK’s Never Forget You.

Things that go viral on TikTok are becoming increasingly strange!

How did a new form of internet-based meme emerge?

How long do idiots live

It all starts with a surprising Google search result.

The fundamental concept is to discover a query and ask the search engine to wind the solution for you. People then hunt for the most amusing or surprising comments, which have the greatest chance of becoming worldwide memes. Or merely for those responses that they think hilarious.

What does the meme “How long do idiots live” mean?

So, somebody placed the inquiry ‘How long do idiots live?’ into the Google search box and got a precise response. According to the search engine, Idiots lived for exactly 12 to 15 years during the time. All of this occurred in 2021 and then reappeared in February 2022.

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Of course, Google has now changed its product to prevent providing a specific answer, despite the fact that this response was based on actual scientific (or possibly pseudo-scientific) research. The exact statement, though, was sufficient to entertain Gen-Z TikTokers.

Actually, if stupid lived no longer than 15 years, they would all die before they reached the age of majority. And all of the grownups would be lovely and intelligent. In reality, we all know that this is not the case.

As a result, the creators of Tiktok were sending the message “I’ll never forget you” to individuals aged 12 to 15 as a prank, usually accompanied by Zara Larsson and MNEK’s song Never Forget You. That is, the individual who receives the message in question is said to be an idiot. And, because fools only survive for 12 to 15 years, this individual was “condemned to death.”

Is there any scientific basis for the meme “How long do idiots live”?

Absolutely, there have been countless scientific studies attempting to uncover links between various personal traits and the human longevity. People have always been preoccupied with extending their lives or discovering the secret to eternal life, therefore these studies were (and continue to be) a modest reflection of this historical trend.

inevitably there have been several attempts at connecting human lifetime to mental aptitude. Another Norwegian research, for instance asked the respondents, “If you could choose openly, until what age would you wish to live?” and discovered that the average preferred life expectancy was 91.4 years. At first look, this appears to be a joke, but a very identical study was previously conducted in the United States, which discovered that Americans favored a longer lifetime of 93 years.

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According to science, an ideal lifespan is determined by the individual’s age at the time the question is posed, as well as his or her education, marital status, emotional condition, and health.

Of a fact, providing a precise response to the question “How long do idiots live?” is an impossible task.

Are there any other memes like this?

How long do idiots live

It’s hardly the first time that humorous Google responses have gone viral. Other questions include “why were Graham crackers invented?” “What is the largest planet on Earth?” “Am I a lizard?” and “What is the coldest place in the universe?”

The hoax meme “How long do idiots live?” was inspired by the previous version, “How Old Is…?” The gist of these gags was to ask Google the life expectancy of something (for example, a prominent video game character), and then to look for information on how old this something’ is, ostensibly telling on its expiration date.

In 2017, the meme “How old is knuckles the echidna” (a computer game character) started it all.

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