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Some famous people’s spouses opt to ignore the glitz and glamour that comes with celebrity, in contrast to the majority of famous people’s spouses around the world, who appear to enjoy basking in the spotlight cast by their famous partners.

Despite the fact that she is romantically involved with a very well-known person, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has been largely absent from the media’s coverage of celebrity relationships.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has been able to steer clear of the public eye for the better part of three decades, despite the fact that she was formerly married to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was at one point the most famous name associated with the sport of basketball.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

Who is Habiba Abdul-Jabbar?

In the month of October 1950, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar was born in the state of New York in the United States. Her birth name at the time of her birth was Janice Brown, and she was reared in a Christian family in the United States of America that were devout members of the Catholic church.

After getting married to Kareem, Brown decided to change her religion to Islam and also changed her name to Habiba Abdul-Jabbar. She did this shortly after the wedding.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar career

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has maintained a level of anonymity throughout the years due to the fact that she is rarely seen or heard from. Because she has chosen to entirely avoid the public eye, there is not a lot of information available regarding her way of life, her goals, or her activities at the present time.

On the other hand, we were successful in unearthing some information regarding the former spouse of the outstanding basketball player. According to the information that can be found on her Facebook profile, Abdul-Jabbar is a fervent athlete who takes a particular interest in running and athletics in general.

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“RunHabibaRun” is the name of the page she maintains on Facebook. In addition, she is the owner of the clothing business Tutu Glam, which is known for its colourful tutu skirts.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s net worth

We have had many reports on the net worth of Habiba Abdul-Jabbar. According to various estimates in the media, it is estimated that Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has a net worth that ranges anywhere from $2 million to $4 million at this time.

Who are her family? Husband, siblings

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

The first time Habiba Abdul-Jabbar and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar crossed paths was when Habiba was still in high school and Kareem was a student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Cliff Anderson, who was playing basketball at the time and was dating Habiba at the time, was the one who brought the two together.

The two of them started growing closer after Abdul-Jabbar extended an invitation to Habiba to accompany him to a basketball game in Los Angeles. After going out together for some time, the couple ultimately made the decision to get married and exchange vows.

The Islamic religious traditions were followed during the wedding ceremony, which took place on May 28th, 1971. In Washington, District of Columbia, at a ceremony held in a mosque and presided over by Hamas Abdul-Khaalis, the head of the Hanafi moment, they tied the knot.

The bride, once known as Janice Brown, changed her name to Habiba just before getting married, after converting to Islam. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was born in Harlem, New York. His birth name was Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, but he changed it to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar after converting to Islam. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Due to the fact that Habiba’s parents are Christian, they were not permitted to attend the wedding ceremony that took place at the mosque even though they travelled all the way from New York.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

One of the sources claims that even Abdul-Jabbar was unaware of the fact that they were not allowed to enter the location of the wedding until the ceremony itself had begun. This caused a big rift between Habiba and Abdul-Jabbar in the early years of their marriage, when they were still relatively new to being married.

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After some time, Abdul-Jabbar was successful in bringing together the two families. Every time he appeared on national television, he made sure to give his in-laws a shout-out by saying, “Hi to Moms and Pops in New York.” He did this rather frequently.

Kareem Jr. is the only son of Habiba and Abdul-Jabbar’s three children: Habiba and Sultana are their daughters, and Kareem is their only son.

Their eldest child and first-born daughter, Habiba, is a writer who goes by the pen name Habiba Alcindor in her professional life. In addition to writing for other outlets, she contributes to The Huffington Post. The couple’s son followed in his father’s footsteps and became a basketball player. Kareem Jr. also made a cameo appearance in the movie “Weapons” during a brief acting career he had.

During the year 2008, Sultana spent around five months working as an assistant for the Los Angeles Lakers. After that, in December of 2009, she found work as an administrative assistant at Children’s Institute Inc., where she remained for more than four years.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

NOTE: Do not confuse Habiba Abdul-Jabbar with her first daughter, also named Habiba, who has an absolutely eerie resemblance to her mother. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is not to be confused with her first daughter.

The migraines that Abdul-Jabbar suffered from and his affair with Cheryl Pistono were the two primary contributors to the breakdown of his marriage to Habiba Adul-Jabbar. The traumatic experience caused the legendary basketball player Abdul-Jabbar to suffer from terrible migraines. Seven of Abdul-Jabbar’s relatives and one friend, all of whom were members of the Hanafi faction, perished in the attack.

All six individuals were reportedly killed in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, by black Muslims who were their rivals.

They were believed to have all been slain inside of a house the basketball icon had purchased for them, with some sources suggesting that he was the intended target of the hit. The house was said to be located in a neighbourhood in which the basketball icon had played.

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In a previous interview with Al Jazeera, Abdul-Jabbar disclosed that the decision to marry his sister Habiba Adul-Jabbar was guided by the counsel of their spiritual leader at the time.

He claimed that he had a profound attachment for another lady, but he chose to marry Habiba because he respected his religious leader more than anybody else in the world.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

It is rumoured that Abdul-Jabbar had an extramarital affair with Cheryl Pistono, who was his girlfriend at the time, while he was still married to Habiba.

This caused a big rift in their marriage, which ultimately resulted in the two of them having to move into separate homes. It was believed at the time that Pistono had a more significant impact on Abdul-Jabbar’s life than any of his teachers, coaches, or friends.

In the end, she suggested to Abdul-Jabbar that he get a divorce, which was a recommendation that he ultimately took up.

Even though they had stopped cohabitating as of December 1973, Abdul-Jabbar made regular trips to see his estranged wife and their first child, Habiba.

At the time, the couple had a daughter together. Habiba had just been pregnant for three months when they ended their relationship, and the couple already had two daughters. During their time apart, they welcomed the sole son that would complete their family.

In 1978, when the finalisation of his divorce from Habiba had been completed, Abdul-Jabbar began a relationship with Pistono.

They were successful in having a child together, and his name is Amir Adam Abdul-Jabbar. In spite of this, Cheryl ultimately tied the knot with Steven Jenkins in the year 1985.

A connection that Abdul-Jabbar had with Julye Olds resulted in the birth of Abdul-Jabbar’s son and final child, who was given the name Amir Abul-Jabbar.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar height

At the moment, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar age

If the multiple claims in the media that state that Habiba was born in October 1950 are accurate, then she would be 72 years old right now and would turn 73 years old in October of 2023. This information comes from those reports.

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