girlfriend wets the bed

Recommended steps if your girlfriend wets the bed

It can be upsetting, embarrassing, and even devastating to find out that your girlfriend wets the bed. We’ve all undoubtedly been in uncomfortable circumstances.

In this article we’ll discuss recommended steps to take when your girlfriend wets the bed. These steps are crucial to help her overcome.

Nevertheless, if your girlfriend urinates when you both are asleep, it could be very difficult to handle the issue. The phrase “nocturnal enuresis” or “bedwetting” is used to describe this issue, which not only affects children but also many adults. This is serious business that could harm both your social life and your self-esteem.

It is better to deal with this issue now rather than later if you want to stay with your partner for a long time. You must decide the best line of action and the seriousness of the problem. Ideally, your girlfriend will get over it on her own.

Before we go into the recommended steps, we would quickly define this and explain what bedwetting is and symptoms to help understand how to effective go through the phase of when your girlfriend bedwets.

Bed-wetting defined

Bed-wetting, also known as nighttime leakage or night urination, is the uncontrolled urinating of a person while they are sleeping after the age at which it is reasonable to expect them to keep dry at night. According to mayoclinic.

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A common sight in many homes is a child who is humiliated and has wet sheets and pyjamas. But don’t give up. Bed-wetting is not a result of improper toilet training. In many cases, it’s just a typical phase of a child’s development.

In general, bedwetting before the age of seven is not a problem. Your child may still be working on gaining nighttime bladder control at this age.

If bedwetting persists, approach the issue with tolerance and compassion. Bedwetting can be decreased with lifestyle modifications, bladder training, moisture alarms, and even medication.

The signs

girlfriend wets the bed

There is really no target age for achieving full bladder control, however most children are trained to use the toilet by the time they are five. Some kids still experience bedwetting between the ages of 5 and 7. A few kids still wet the bed after becoming 7 years old.

It’s critical to tackle this circumstance with tact and consideration. The actions you can take if your girlfriend wets the bed are listed below.

Causes of Bed-wetting

Although the exact cause of bedwetting is unknown, a number of variables may contribute:

Little bladder.

It’s possible that your child’s bladder is still developing and won’t be able to store nighttime urine.

being unable to detect a full bladder. A full bladder may not wake your child if the nerves that control the bladder take a long time to develop, especially if your child is a deep sleeper.

Hormone irregularity

. Some children don’t create enough anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) during childhood, which prevents overnight urination.

Infection in the urinary system.

Your child may struggle to regulate their urination as a result of this infection. Bedwetting, daytime accidents, frequent urination, red or pink urine, and pain while urinating are just a few examples of signs and symptoms.

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Apneic sleep.

When a child’s breathing is disrupted while they sleep, such as when their tonsils or adenoids are swollen or enlarged, bed-wetting may be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring and daytime sleepiness are possible additional symptoms.


Bedwetting may be the initial indication of diabetes in a youngster who generally sleeps dry at night. Other warning signs and symptoms could include sudden urination in big volumes, increased thirst, exhaustion, and weight loss despite a healthy appetite.

Constipation that persists.

The muscles that govern urination and bowel movements are the same. Long-term constipation can cause these muscles to become dysfunctional and contribute to nighttime bedwetting.

a nerve system or urinary tract structural issue. Rarely is bedwetting linked to a neurological or urogenital problem in the child.

Recommended steps if your girlfriend wets the bed

Discuss the matter with your girlfriend


It could be awkward or challenging to discuss, but it’s crucial to have an open, honest conversation about the problem. Inquire of your girlfriend about the bedwetting and any potential underlying issues that might be causing it.

She might feel humiliated as a result of your knowledge of the situation and worry about what others might think.

Telling her that she is not alone and that she shouldn’t feel ashamed of her condition is one of the finest ways to encourage her during this tough time because so many individuals are touched by this circumstance. Do not make fun of her for wetting the bed or laugh about it. She already experiences enough embarrassment. Furthermore, making fun of her will only make her feel worse about it and disgrace herself even more.

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Urge your girlfriend to consult a medical expert

Sometimes bedwetting is a sign of an underlying medical issue. A healthcare expert can offer options for treatment and assist in identifying the source of the bedwetting.

Think about utilising bedwetting sensors

These alarms can assist in breaking your girlfriend’s bedwetting habit by letting her know when she is wetting the bed.

Establish a nightly ritual with your lady. This can entail using the restroom before bed, avoiding drinking too much liquid before bed, and using a nightlight to make it simpler to get up and use the restroom in the middle of the night.

Use an absorbing mattress or sheets

Protect the bed and make morning cleanup simpler by using absorbent sheets and a waterproof mattress protector.

Don’t berate or humiliate her

It is crucial to be sympathetic and compassionate rather than critical or judgmental while dealing with bedwetting because it may be a sensitive and embarrassing subject for anyone.

Provide comforting words.

It’s crucial to give your girlfriend emotional support and reassurance that you’re there for her.

Take into account getting assistance from a therapist or counsellor

A therapist or counsellor can provide your girlfriend more support and direction while also assisting her in resolving any underlying emotional problems that might be causing her to wet the bed.

Show patience

Be encouraging and helpful as your girlfriend strives to conquer the bedwetting problem because it can take some time and effort to find a solution.

Show compassion and help.

Above all, it’s critical to show her support and empathy during this difficult time. Offer her your love and support as she resolves her problem, and exhort her to get assistance if necessary.

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