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Fashionistasus Review: Is it a scam or Legit? Facts and Analysis

We have had many netizens trying to find out if Fashionistasus ( is scam or legit. In today’s review, we’ll be analyzing and show you data of why Fashionistasus is a scam website and should be avoided like a plague. In all you do, do not interact with this website as it can steal your financial data as well as your personal data.

 What is Fashionistasus?

From what we know, Fashionistasus pose as an online store that sells various clothing products such as beedings, jackets, shorts, trousers, shoes and other accessories. They claim to be trusted and reliable.

Why is fashionistasus not trusted? has an extremely low trust rating, indicating that the website is most likely a scam. Use this website with extreme caution!

When our system analysed, we examined a variety of variables, including company information, location as well as popularity, and other criteria related to assessments, phoney products, risks, and phishing. Using all of the provided data, a trust score is calculated.

Warning Signs!!

The website’s owner is utilising a service to conceal their name on WHOIS.

This website has a low Tranco ranking.

This website is hosted in a high-risk jurisdiction.
This server has a high quantity of questionable websites.
This site has received unfavourable feedback.

This website is (relatively) new.


fashionistasus reviews

Company Evaluation

We can observe that the person who owns the website is utilising a service to conceal his or her identity. This could be due to the owner’s desire not to be spammed. However, it makes determining the true owner of the website challenging. As a result, websites that conceal their identities receive a somewhat lower score.

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Analysis of a Website

This site has a low Tranco rank, according to Tranco. This suggests that there aren’t many people visiting this website. This is to be expected from a tiny, new, or niche website. A popular website, on the other hand, should have a better position.

We determined that the website is housed on the same server as other dubious sites. As a result, we reduced our rating for You may find out which websites by visiting the server tab at the bottom of this page. Other problematic websites include those with a poor trust score, which may be online frauds or selling counterfeit goods. Scammers frequently host many websites on the same server at the same time.

The domain was only recently registered. We advise you to exercise caution while purchasing or using services from a new website. You might be interested in our blog post “How to Spot a Scam.” Scammers’ websites are frequently taken offline after only a few months. An ancient website does not guarantee that it is secure. Some fraudulent sites have been around for years. Most scam sites, on the other hand, are removed within a few months as the number of consumer complaints grows and the hosting firm grows tired of the numerous emails and phone calls.

fashionistasus review

Technical Evaluation

This website’s server is in a high-risk country. Countries classified as high risk by the International Banking Federation have a high level of fraud and corruption. Many developing countries are categorised as high-risk. In our methodology, we examine the nation of origin, but only other characteristics detected (such as products sold on the site) may result in a bad score.

A valid SSL certificate was discovered. An SSL certificate is used by professional businesses to encrypt communication between your computer and their website. There are, however, several levels of certification, and scammers will also install a free SSL certificate. If you must enter data, never do so without first determining whether an SSL certificate protects your information.

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fashionistasus review

More reasons to avoid shopping from

Fashionistasus contains numerous red flags, which are reasons why you should avoid purchasing on the website. Some of the red flags are as follows:

Suspecious Website

The website in question was built lately in November 2022 and will expire in November 2023, indicating that it is a throwaway website and thus untrustworthy.

fashionistasus review

Complaints from Customers

Buyers who shopped at this site have submitted multiple online reviews claiming that the store is a fraud since they never received what they ordered or received a subpar product. And all attempts to contact the store for a refund were futile.

Fashionistasus customer care review

It is owned by a dubious corporation.

Fashionistasus is owned by a questionable firm, Fadel Beatty Ltd, however there are numerous unfavourable reports regarding this company online.

It has a fictitious contact address.

Fashionistasus’s contact information is SUITE 10542BALMORAL INDUSTRIAL ESTATEABBEYLANDS SOUTHNAVAN MEATHC15DD72IRELAND. Yet, a comprehensive inquiry revealed that this address is linked to a number of fraudulent web stores. It is suspicious and indicates that is concealing information from its customers. It’s especially suspicious because legitimate stores always provide accurate information on their websites. This is a red sign and an indication that the store is a hoax.

Deals that seem suspicious/outrageous

The website’s extreme discount pricing are too good to be true and serve as a red flag that the store is a hoax. It also provides a 90 percent discount.

Inadequate/no Security is an unsafe website in the sense that it is not protected by McAfee or Norton. As a result, hackers can steal and tamper with customers’ banking and personal data.


Theft of Contents copied the majority of its content, including product photos, from various internet businesses.
This is very prevalent with fraudulent shops on the internet. They pass off things as genuine, but in reality, clients receive low-quality knockoffs and have no way of returning them.

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Social media Presence?

The shop at has no social media handles, which implies it is not visible on any of the social media sites, which is questionable because every legitimate online store has an active social media presence.

Is a Fraudulent Scam or a Legit Website? raises a lot of red flags based on the important areas mentioned above.
It, like other fraudulent web companies, promotes low discount prices to entice buyers. When they place their order, however, they receive a whole different item or a lower grade of what they bought, while other unfortunate consumers obtain nothing at all. This is an example of a bait and switch scheme.

Is it secure to do business at with PayPal? No! And below is why.

PayPal no longer guarantees a prompt refund. Furthermore, many fraudulent online stores have a history of employing a false tracking number that is completely unrelated to you. This bogus tracking number is entered into your PayPal transaction, causing PayPal to consider it a full transaction, making a chargeback nearly impossible.

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping at

When shopping from this scam store, keep the following three points in mind:

Your Package will not Arrive

This is typical of fraudulent online stores; you are debited but never get a product.

Receiving a Different/Bad Product

Getting a product that is entirely distinct from what was bought. This is a classic hook and switch scam, in which you get a different item, such as a plastic sunshade in place of a wardrobe.

Credit Card Theft

This phoney internet retailer may also hack into your credit card information. In this instance, you may be charged for an item you did not order or overpaid by the store. They frequently continue to deduct money from your credit card.

The Bottom Line

From all appearances, is not a legitimate internet store. Buyers should beware of this store because it has stolen off naïve consumers and has numerous Red Flags, as we have seen in this review. To quickly identify scam online stores, online customers could check the domain age on They should also examine the store’s address, if it has provided one, and simply copy and paste it into Google, which will show whether it is a warehouse or a residential property.

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