Who was Corneisha Butler, Cause of death? More!!

Who was Corneisha Butler, Cause of death? More!!

One of the most disturbing videos stormed the internet in the late months of 2022. In this video, we see what is allegedly the last clip of Corneisha Butler. Now, many want to know what truly happened to Corneisha Butler and how she died.

In this piece, we will explain all you need to know

Who was Corneisha Butler?

Who was Corneisha Butler?

There are so many reports circulating the internet about the deceased. Many of these might not be true if you inquire well. In our investigation, we discovered she was the mother of 4 beautiful kids (three girls and a two years boy). More importantly, she discovered that she was in a relationship with a woman who many reports ended her life untimely.

What we can confirm is that her body was found on the 16th of November, 2022 a Wednesday.

Cause of death?

In our investigation, we discovered she was in a very toxic relationship with her girlfriend, Shakyia Perkins. Further investigation shows that the duo had been in several fights. From reports, all fingers point to Shakyia. Many claimed Shakyia was not comfortable with how Corneisha had a successful career.

These fights according to many had peaks one of which was Shakyia razing down Corneisha’s Mercedes jeep.

Without any iota of doubt, one would point to Shakyia based on these fights and near-death attempts on Corneisha.

Many reports state that she was brutally shot in the presence of her children

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Who killed Corneisha Butler?

Who killed Corneisha

As things stand at the moment, all fingers point to Shakyia, Corneisha’s former girlfriend based on all the attacks on Corneisha’s life and properties.

We want to categorically state that the police her on top of things and many should not pay attention to click-bait websites claiming to have a full video about the last incident that transpired between Shakyia and Corneisha.

Currently, our investigative journalists are working towards getting the said video. As soon as we get it it will be posted here for sure. Stay glued!!

Her relationship with Shakyia

We stated earlier that Shakyia and Corneisha were in a toxic relationship, which we can affirm. In reports, Corneisha on September 13, 2021, tried to leave the relationship. The harassment allegedly started a year ago.

In a text message, Corneisha text message with her friend reports how Shakyia hit her car “both ways” putting Corneisha’s life in danger.

Corneisha relationship with Shakyia
Who was Corneisha, Cause of death? More!!
Who was Corneisha, Cause of death? More!!

We have had reports saying she got back together with Shakyia after the incident of Shakyia razing down her cars (a pink Mercedes and a black Jeep).

Together they share a smile and further posted to social media

See photo below:

Who was Corneisha, Cause of death? More!!
Who was Corneisha  Cause of death

Final Thoughts

In truth, life can be really cruel and hurtful. However, we should be mindful of who we want to share our moments, time, and memories with. In the case of Corneisha, it was from “frypan to fire”.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the four children she left behind.

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