City of witches novel

What is City of witches novel? All you need to know

What is city of witches novel? In recent times, we have many netizens who would like to know what the manga is.

Well, this article aims at explaining what it is and bring to life what details is there to know about this manga with intriguing chapters.


City of witches novel

Another exciting web novel for fans of anime is The City of Witches novel.

You don’t often find a book with secrets that reveal themselves and unexpected turns that keep you riveted to your computer or smartphone screen.

You will be transported to the centre of the city where you may experience the mysteries and conflicts alongside the main character thanks to the rich descriptions and captivating narrative.

In this captivating book, which is deserving of the buzz, the expanding trend of explicit scenes and adult language is evident. Here is everything you need to know about this book, though, before you start reading it.

City of witches novel, What is it exactly?

Readers all over the world have been enthralled by the interesting fantasy manga novel The City of Witches.

The plot is on a man who, after a terrifying plane crash in the great Pacific Ocean, finds himself kidnapped and held captive in a secret city populated by witches. Readers are taken on an exhilarating journey by this captivating story.

The protagonist must make their way through a realm of magic and mystery, where peril lurks around every turn, while the action is magnificent.

The City of Witches novel, which was first published in Korean, has gained widespread acclaim and has been transcribed into English by Genesis Translator so that a larger audience can enjoy its engrossing story.

This book offers an exciting journey into the enchanted world of witches and the unexpected trials that await the protagonist, whether you enjoy mystical thrillers or are just looking for an engrossing reading experience.

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Storyline of the City of Witches novel

City of witches novel storyline

The protagonist of the City of Witches novel is a man who, at the age of 23, was honourably released from the army and is eager to return to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to continue his studies.

But when his jet crashes in the middle of the huge Pacific Ocean, fate takes an unexpected turn. In a horrible turn of events, he is kidnapped and held captive in a secret city populated by witches.

The main character must find his way through the complexities of a city ruled by magic and populated by strong witches while being deprived of his freedom and imprisoned in this secret society.

He learns that there is a sinister mystery hiding beneath the surface as he struggles to adjust to his new world.

Main Character

The main character encounters many difficulties as he tries to hide his powers and attempts to solve the secrets that surround him, driven by an urge to flee and return to his previous life. He must strive to maintain his basic humanity while navigating through a labyrinth of lies and treachery with danger waiting around every corner.

The gripping City of Witches story tackles themes of captivity, resiliency, and the relentless desire of liberation. Readers are transported into a world where magic and the everyday intersect, blurring the boundaries between realism and the ethereal as the protagonist’s quest takes shape.


The City of Witches novel recounts the story of the lead character, “Shin Siwoo,” in a modern setting. As a gifted mathematician, “Siwoo’s” life takes an unexpected turn when he survives an aeroplane crash and is abducted into a secret city of witches buried beneath the surface of the modern world.

Five years were spent as “Siwoo”‘s slave. He finds a secret advantage, though—his amazing understanding of mathematics—which allows him to covertly study magic, rendering him the only male witch.

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Objective/Goal of Siwoo

The ultimate goal of “Siwoo” is to leave the city and go back to his own country. But in order to succeed, he must conceal his newly discovered magical skills, making it difficult for him to face the difficulties and dangers that present themselves. The witch who is in love with “Siwoo” has not yet expressed her feelings.

Will he be able to navigate the realm of witches while remaining undetected and return home? The City of Witches novel’s intriguing story reveals an exciting adventure rife with mystery.

The book, which is rated 18+, includes adult, action, echi, fantasy, and harem romance themes. It features a lot of sexual scenes because the first 100 chapters are filled with them. The City of Witches book was eighth all-time on Novelpia with over 18 million views. The book reportedly contains 965 chapters and is still growing.

The author of the book City of Witches?

The authors of the City of Witches book are Wilted Flower and Blooming Flowers. Manga fans have praised the book and lauded the creators for how skillfully each character is created.

The story moves on thanks in large part to the broad ensemble of fully realised characters that the book introduces. The protagonist, a guy who becomes caught up in the hidden city of witches, is at the centre of the narrative.

As he becomes the only male witch in a predominantly female realm, his quest takes shape. Readers will become engrossed in his predicament and support him throughout thanks to his complexity, depth, and unique personality.

The seductive witches who are around the main character are keeping him hostage. The distinct characteristics and goals of each witch add to the story’s rich tapestry. Their dynamics and interactions drive the tale as the heroine engages with the other witches in the city, providing layers of intrigue and depth.

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The protagonist receives encouragement from a number of supporting characters throughout his long trip. The unique personalities and backgrounds of these people provide significant value to the story. Each supporting character, whether a mentor, a dependable ally, or an unexpected friend, is essential to the protagonist’s struggle for independence.

The depth of the characters in City of Witches improves the reading experience overall by letting readers identify with the wide range of characters they meet.

The interactions between these people elevate the book and make it interesting and compelling, from the multifaceted protagonist to the alluring witches and the supporting characters that have an impact.

As the well-rounded characters in City of Witches negotiate a world full of secrets, power battles, and unforeseen alliances, be ready to be intrigued.

They ensure that readers are completely engaged in the compelling adventure that takes place within the pages of this exceptional novel by adding depth and authenticity to the plot.

The world that Wilted Flower and developed is mostly focused on “Shin Siwoo,” “Amelia Marigold,” and “Twins.”

The authors build a story that examines themes of power, identity, and the decisions people make in the face of difficulty through expertly crafted prose and great attention to detail.

You will be enthralled by the vivid images and the story that is being revealed with each swipe of your screen, leaving you gasping for air.

Reading the City of Witches book

Reading the City of Witches novel has become essential because of how thrilling it is. Following is a guide to reading City of Witches:

  1. Launch your device’s browser.
    You can read the City of Witches novel on your device because it is a web novel.
  2. Type how to read the City of Witches novel into your browser.
  3. A list of websites including Novel Updates, Genesis Translations, Hausa Cinema, etc. will be visible.
  4. A list of the chapters for the book City of Witches will appear when you click on any one of them.
  5. To begin reading the City of Witches novel, click on the chapter you want to begin with.

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