Are you planning to explore the best of cheesecake? New York City gets you covered?  The city has everything it takes to give you satisfaction. A visit to NewYork is a visit to fulfillment, as you will be treated with the best cheesecake like never before. Definitely, you will like it.

The city of NewYork offers you with a variety of top notch cheesecake. Mostly preferred by the  locals, many even make use of the cheesecake in hosting parties, like get-together parties, birthday parties and a lot more. It is very tasty and affordable to get. 

Here we have the  list of the 7 best cheesecakes in NewYork, with details on prices to make your search stress free.


  1. Brioche Cheesecake.
  2. Coconut cheesecake.
  3. Jelly jaffa cheesecake.
  4. Cherry Choc Cheesecake.
  5. Caramel chocolate cheesecake.
  6. Brownie and berry cheesecake.
  7. Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake.


1. Brioche cheesecake

Brioche cheesecake is a popular and unique cheesecake among locals. It is made with  butter, milk and eggs, unlike other cheesecakes in the streets of NewYork.

A bit or cup of Brioche cheesecake is enough for  consumption due to its highest fat content in its excessive consumption. 

Price range– $10 -$65

2. Coconut Cheesecake

Do you wish to explore tasty and traditional Cheesecake? Then, you should  consider Coconut Cheesecake. It is one of the best cheesecakes you can ever imagine in the streets of NewYork. It also has a crust made with graham crackers which make it a cheesecake lover’s dream 

Price range: $7- $55

3. Jelly Jaffa Cheesecake. 

Jelly Jaffa is an orange flavored cheesecake, with a simple combination of sugar  raspberry, strawberry, banana, blackcurrant and tangerine oil to form the sealed layer of jam.

In addition jelly jaffa cheesecake is also a homemade orange jelly mostly preferred by locals and NewYork residents.

Price range– $10 -$67

4. Cherry Choc Cheesecake.

Cherry Choc Cheesecake is a kind of soft and smooth cheesecake,  made with a sweet cherry flavor.

The textures and flavors of Cherry Choc are amazing. As the sweetness and affordable price make it so unique and popular among other cheesecakes in NewYork.

Price range: $10 – $60

5.  Caramel chocolate cheesecake

Caramel chocolate cheesecake is extremely delicious and explorable. It a kind of cheesecake you can’t avoid to miss in NewYork. It is made from chocolate flavor and can also be refrigerated for hours.

Get a Caramel chocolate cheesecake today for a unique cheesecake experience that gives satisfaction.

Price Range– $10 -$60

6. BEST CHEESECAKES IN NEW YORK: Brownie and berry cheesecake

If you want to explore the city of NewYork,  especially to get the best cheesecake that will suit your taste, then Brownie and berry cheesecake get you covered. Its an amazing cheesecake you can ever imagine in the city of NewYork 

Without any delay, Place your order for a fulfilled timeout in NewYork. 

Price range– $10 -$ 60

7. Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake.

The frozen Strawberry Cheesecake is a no-bake  Cheesecake usually served with Strawberry puree and that makes it the last on the list. It has a creamy taste of fresh cheese and eggs made with crushed cookies.

Price range– $3 -$15


NewYork  City is known to have it all in delicacy, as they offer you a variety of delicious and  nice cheesecakes that suit your taste. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cheesecake to explore in NewYork then the cheesecakes listed here are for you.

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