Annie Bakes: The Story of Dennis Rodman's Ex-Wife

Annie Bakes: The Story of Dennis Rodman’s Ex-Wife

Annie Bakes, who used to be married to Dennis Rodman, has an interesting past. Let’s learn more about her interesting life, from modeling to having a family.

A Head Start on Modeling

The first time Annie was seen by a modeling agency was when she was sixteen years old. Her beautiful looks helped her become a successful model, and she worked with many agencies and businesses. She also tried adult modeling and became known for how beautiful she was.

The Injury That Changed Her Course

Annie Bakes: The Story of Dennis Rodman's Ex-Wife

Annie’s modeling career ended when she was hurt in a terrible accident in 1986. She changed jobs to become a club waitress and then started writing to make ends meet.

The Strange Disappearance

Annie Bakes hasn’t been seen much in public since her split from Dennis Rodman. Not much is known about where she is right now.

A rocky relationship

Things went badly in Annie’s marriage to Dennis Rodman. She said that their seven-year marriage was a nightmare, accusing him of cheating on her and other bad things that happened that led to abortions.

What Came Next

Following their divorce in 1993, Annie’s life went in a different way, while Dennis moved on and was seen with Carmen Electra.

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Annie’s Strength

Annie Bakes made her own way, even though she faced problems, and she is still a mysterious figure today.

Annie’s Interesting Past

Annie was picked on as a child, but her family was there for her. No one knows for sure how much she is worth. She tried a lot of different jobs and experiences after she stopped modeling.

Interesting Facts About The Adult Film Business

Earnings vary for people who work in the adult film business. Beginners make about $43,448 a year, while professionals in the middle of their careers make about $62,912. Actors with more than ten years of training can make around $100,000 a year.

A Look at Annie’s Early Years

Annie had some hard times as a child, but her family was always there for her. She stopped modeling after an accident, which led to other jobs.

The Amazing Journey of Dennis Rodman

An NBA icon, Dennis Rodman played in the NBA, fought in wrestling matches, acted, and was on TV. His amazing life story included a unique way to become a basketball star.

What Philander Rodman Left Behind

Philander Rodman, Dennis Rodman’s father, was a complicated person. He was said to have had 25 children with 16 different women. This gift changed Dennis’s life in a special way.

A Hard Beginning in Life

Dennis had a hard time growing up with his mother Shirley Rodman and two sisters. He overcame many problems before he became a famous NBA player.

The Path You Can’t Guess

Dennis Rodman didn’t take the usual path to fame. He did different jobs after high school, including being an airport cleaner at night, because he thought his playing days were over.

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Showing off Annie Bakes

Annie Bakes has a very interesting past. She used to be a model and was married to Dennis Rodman. From modeling to having a family, her life story is very interesting.

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