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7 days.co.uk or 7days Performance review: A thorough analysis

The website 7 days.co.uk or 7daysperformance.co.uk has been search on the net. Users are requesting an honest review before they can proceed with the website. Well, we’ll do justice to in this review and tell you what we honestly think.

What is 7days Performance?

7days Performance is one of the major reward competitions platforms in the UK. According to their bio, they give users and participants the opportunity to win supercars, superbikes, watches, tax-free cash, and cutting-edge technology.

In their Bio, they also encouraged users to participate. In their words;

“Enter one of today’s competitions for your chance to join our expanding list of former winners and even drive away in the automobile of your choice, with entry starting as low as 49p!”


How to Enter in the Competition

It’s easy to enter one of our competitions:

1. Locate the prize you wish to win.

2. Determine the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

3. Pay using our safe and secure payment processor!

All that remains is for you to join us for the interactive live draw on our Facebook page and wait for the winner’s ticket number to be announced!

We will then share the winners’ photos and videos on our social media pages, app, and website!

Extensive Review

7daysperformance.co.uk or 7 days.co.uk is certainly not a scam, but rather legitimate and trustworthy. It is safe to say that 7daysperformance.co.uk, also known as 7 days.co.uk, is not a scam but rather a legal and reliable business.

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Our algorithm awarded 7daysperformance.co.uk a relatively high rating. We drew this rating on information we gathered about the site on the Internet, such as the nation in which it is housed, the use of a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, and ratings obtained on other web pages.

The website’s score shows that it is safe to shop and leave your information on the site. We cannot, however, confirm that the site is not a hoax. Many websites appear legitimate but are in fact fraudulent. Check the webpage carefully before shopping at a new site.

Beneficial features

This website provides “get your money back” methods for payment.

This website has received favorable feedback.

The SSL certificate is current.

This webpage is (very) old.

In accordance with DNSFilter, this website is secure.

According to Flashstart, this website is free of any phishing or malware.

Trend Micro trusts the website in question.

Whois record

When we checked the who is record of the website 7 days.co.uk and 7daysperformance.co.uk  we discovered that they have at least 5 years domain age. While the former is older than the later. the former (7 days.co.uk) was registered in 2012 while the later was registered 7daysperformance.co.uk in 2018


7 days.co.uk
Who is record for 7daysperformance.co.uk
7 days.co.uk
Who is record for 7 days.co.uk


At the moment, we can’t find negatives for the website/business

More 7daysperformance review

Assessment of a Website

This webpage was created several years ago. This is a good indicator in our opinion. The longer a web page survives, the more likely it is legitimate. sadly the age of the website is no assurance. In certain circumstances, fraudsters have been discovered purchasing existing web addresses and beginning their harmful practice here. As a result, visiting a site is still necessary.

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Practical Evaluation

We pick out payment methods such as Alipay, Mastercard, Paypal, and Visa that allow customers to receive their money back if a product is not delivered or if a disagreement arises between the customer and the merchant. There is no such thing as a 100% guarantee. Each means of payment has a particular set of limits for reclaiming money, and the merchant may still try to persuade you to use a different payment method. Check that you’re using the correct method of payment.

A valid SSL certificate was discovered. An SSL certificate is used by reputable companies to encrypt communication between your computer and their website. There are, however, several levels of certification, and scammers will also install a free SSL certificate. If you must enter data, never do so without first determining whether an SSL certificate protects your information.

Trust Pilot Review

We further discovered that the site has lots of rating on trust pilot many of which are positive. Here are some reviews from trust pilot.

7 days.co.uk
7 days.co.uk review on trust Pilot

7 days.co.uk

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